As a way to help practice my writing and also expand my vocabulary I set up an exercise for myself. Utilizing www.dictionary.com’s Word of the Day I took the word presented for the day and used it to add on a sentence to a monthly story that had been developed as dictated by those words. This is an exercise in score as introduced by Lawrence Halprin's RSVP Cycles.

November 2008

As his breath began to abate, Max hit the rewind in his memory struggling to grab a moment. The progress was minimal with his brain addled from years of living in his prime. He stretched his arms, elbows first, exposing his crumbling aquiline physique. Always an epicure , Max searched with his tongue for any dried drops of absinthe in the corners of his mouth. Footless described...

October 2008

Sodi wasn’t normally a slugabed. Nor was she normally involved in barroom brawls, but last night’s donnybrook at the corner pub took more out of her than she expected. Things had been on a littoral edge between her and her best friend Sam for some time. While sipping on porter from the local microbrewery and chatting about America’s Next Top Model, Sam executed a volte-face after voicing her opinion...

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