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God Angry at Hippie Son for Organizing Inauguration Protest

Heaven - Donald Trump was inaugurated today as President of the United States while protests were being held across the globe. Jesus Christ and his disciples, uniformed in pink 'pussy' hats, marched from the gates of Heaven to the throne of God while carrying signs tha...

10 Places that are Safer than an Overbooked United Flight

This past weekend, a man was dragged from his seat to accomodate crew on an overbooked United Airlines flight, leaving him bloodied in the process. The following are places that you have a better chance of leaving unscathed:

1. In the eye of a sharknado

2. An overni...

Death Earns Early Vacation by Taking Valued Celebrities

Hades - Pulling massive overtime this week, Death hurriedly ushers adored celebrities to their afterlife ahead of his scheduled year-end vacation. "I started off great at the beginning of the year with Bowie, Alan Rickman, then Prince. I kept a good pace but my quota w...

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