I wonder about a lot of things, which leads me on journeys through the process of art for answers. I find my curiosities lie in the trappings of our daily lives, how we relate to each other and our surrounding environment. By examining relationships, boundaries and how we communicate, I hope to find my place in the world.


In order to engage in my creative inquiry I have used various art genres to investigate my feelings. Through performance, I examine the tension of personal space and everyday life. I explore with photography, interactive social networking experiments, and I use fashion as a tool to deconstruct and understand our relationship to our environment.


My practice tries to connect with and engage everyday life situations with the hope of revealing and making visible our common connections. As with the process of improv, these points of intersection can often take on a life of their own. By isolating and reframing these connections in the microcosm of my personal experience, I can begin to understand myself,

and my place in the world.


Simple. Easy. True.